No CAR this week – 07/16/14


Hey guys!

I’m currently recovering from con-itis, as well as catching up on some work I’ve missed! There will not be an update this week, sadly!

Welcome new readers! For those that I met at the con–you guys are awesome. For those of you also reading that I didn’t meet… you’re still awesome.

In any case! Updates will return to normal next week. Thanks so much for your patience!

-M Flowers

06/02/2014 – No CAR This Week


Hey guys!

I’ve been suffering from a cold/flu for the past week or two, and it has since evolved into full-blown bronchitis. While I’m doing much better, I need to catch up on other tasks and am giving myself a little more time this week to finish this page and recover.

;-; I’m terribly sorry!

Chapter 02, Page 06 is Up!

No Comments

Hey folks! New chapter is up. Also, I have attempted to enable comments on any new pages–I’ll tool around with it later tonight if it looks like it isn’t working. Comments may need to be approved by me at first, but then you can post whatever.

Take care and don’t die!


Welcome to the new CAR website!

Hello hello! Welcome to the alpha (beta? whatevera?) launch of the Chapel Also Ran website! Likely I’ll be fixing this place up and adding new features as we go (plans for a fanart section, because fanart is best), but this is the first iteration. If there’s anything you guys want, feel free to hit me up on tumblr, DA, e-mail–anywhere, really. New update next week!

P.S.: We update every Wednesday!