No CAR This Week

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Hey guys!

So I am prepping to move and leave my job halfway across the country. I’ll be trying to update when I can, but for this week there sadly will be no update. 🙁

im sry i have failed. I’m going to be focusing on catching up so hopefully I can start a back log, to try and get minimum interruptions. Wish me luck!


No CAR this week – 07/16/14

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Hey guys!

I’m currently recovering from con-itis, as well as catching up on some work I’ve missed! There will not be an update this week, sadly!

Welcome new readers! For those that I met at the con–you guys are awesome. For those of you also reading that I didn’t meet… you’re still awesome.

In any case! Updates will return to normal next week. Thanks so much for your patience!

-M Flowers